Business aviation has long been at the forefront of advances in aviation technology – from winglets, 复合材料, 推进系统. 现在, promising aviation technologies including unmanned aircraft systems, 先进空中机动, 无人驾驶的交通管理, eVTOL and commercial space have the potential to provide enormous benefits for companies and communities.

随着航空领域的发展, nba新兴技术委员会 was established in 2019 to help NBAA advocate on behalf of industry on rulemaking, 通过与美国的行业组织和监管机构联系,制定标准和政策相关的活动.S. 和全球. 新兴技术委员会还在现场和虚拟活动中为nba成员开发资源和培训课程.