Aug. 17, 2021

Association members trying to decipher and comply with the new Pilot Records Database (PRD) regulations may find assistance from NBAA’s new Pilot Records Database Resource Guide. 美国联邦航空局的新PRD将于今年9月首次达标. 8.

今年5月,美国联邦航空局公布了建立第111部分飞行员记录数据库的最终规定. The new rule introduces the electronic PRD with new mandates for certain aircraft operators with the intent to improve safety by improving the pilot hiring process. 在珠三角,营办商须提交及审阅的资料包括:

  • 第119部分证书持有人
  • 在部分所有权规则下执行操作的操作员
  • 持授权书之航空旅游经营者


  • 进行公共飞机业务的实体
  • Corporate flight departments (as defined in the PRD rule) and specific entities operating under Part 125
  • A trustee appointed by a bankruptcy court for an operator or entity subject to the reporting requirements

NBAA’s new guide helps operators determine if they’ll have obligations under the new rule and the deadline for meeting those obligations. For example, the guide explains all applicable operators must have a responsible person register by Sept. 8.

“如果他们还没有, operators should familiarize themselves with the PRD web-based application by setting up an account in MyAccess so that they are able to both upload pilot records, 以及查看飞行员记录,艾莉森·斯奎西马罗说, Paul A律师事务所的律师. Lange. “Additionally, operators should review the procedures because there are some new obligations for operators. Most notably is the requirement that operators have a process for addressing reports of inaccuracies from employees and former employees.”

查看FAA MyAccess页面.

Squiccimarro explained this process must allow pilots the opportunity to alert the operator of an inaccuracy in records uploaded to the PRD, provide operators 10 days to correct inaccurate records and include a dispute resolution process when a pilot and operator disagree about the accuracy of records reported by the operator to the PRD.

荷兰的玛丽娜·奥布莱恩 & 奈特和斯奎西马罗是新指南的主要作者.